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Guillotining is the most complex print estimating calculation in print estimating. Not only is it complex, there is also a lot of logic behind how this is processed.

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Print Estimating - Guillotining

The factors involved in the Guillotining are the:

  • * Stock paper size
  • * The size of the paper through the press/printer
  • * The finished product size
  • * The height of the press
  • * The thickness of the paper

Guillotining maybe required in two different stages:

  • * Cutting the stock sheet down to the printed size
  • * Cutting the printed sheet down to the finished product size

Step 1

Find the no. of cuts in the stock size/printed size process. The no. of internal cuts are dependent on whether single or double cuts are used.

Step 2

With the guillotining process in step 1, the height of the pile of stock sheet needs to be determined.

Thickness = Thickness of Sheet x No. of Copies x No. of Originals
                  No. of Printed Sheets out of Stock Sheet x No. of Finished
                  Items out of Printed Sheet

Step 3

Find the no. of cuts in the printed size/finished size process. Again single or double cuts maybe used on the internal cuts.

Step 4

Once the thickness is determined, this needs to be compared against the maximum height the guilloting can handle.

Cost of Stock Sheet/Printed Sheet Guillotining = Cost per Cut x No. of Guillotining Cuts x Passes through Guillotine

Step 5

The steps 1-3 need to be repeated, but for the printed size/finished size process.

Step 6

The two processes need to be added together.

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