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Packaging, in most cases is an integral part of the print estimating process. The costs here can vary considerably with each printing company, run and items being printed.

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Print Estimating - Packaging

Packaging was a bit of a hard one to put down onto a website, due to so many different variables. With our print estimating software we had a list of packaging materials, and for each of these materials it could package/wrap a certain number of objects.

i.e if you have a cardboard box, it maybe able to contain 5000 letterheads, but could also contain 60000 business cards.

By determining the run, and the item being printed it is possible to determine how much packaging is required. A basic formula is below:

Packaging Cost = Packaging Item Cost x (1 + round down(Run x (1 + (Wastage Factor / 100) x No. of Originals / Qty Packing Item Can Contain))

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