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Printing is one of the more obvious print estimating costs, but in reality it is often more expensive to set up a press or printer than to run this.

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Print Estimating - Printing

Printing can be by either offset or digital, both which have completely different costing methods.

Offset Printing

This is basically the cost involved in running a printing press for the duration of the print job, which includes the cost of the operator, all operating expenses, electricity and maintenance. This would vary on the type of the machine being used. Another factor would be if the press is a perfecting press (i.e. able to turn pages only).

Other factors involve the no. of copies, the highest running speed of the stock, the highest running speed of the press, the no. of finished copies out of a stock sheet, the no. of colors and the number of colors the press can cater for.

Because of the complexity of the differing conditions, its difficult to provide a formula.

Digital Printing

The costs involved for digital printing vary somewhat depending on the way the printer is costed. With our ROBO Print Job Manager software, the software caters for all different costing methods.

Everything revolves around the CTR (Click Through Rate). For most printers the clickthrough rate differs for color and blank & white printing. For many printers the CTR changes depending on the coverage used, e.g. some have a rate for 5% coverage and another for 100% coverage. For some printers the click through rate changes depending on the quantity being printed.

The determine the costing, assuming you know the CTR's for the different coverage & run thresholds:

CTR1 = Click Through Rate for Coverage at 5%
CTR2 = Click Through Rate for Coverage at 100%

CTR= CTR1 + (((Coverage% - 5) / 95) x (CTR2 - CTR1));

Cost = (run x No. of Sides x CTR)                      
          No. of Finished Copies out of Printed Sheet

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